Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Tradition of Marathons

It's hard to find a site where you can compile your races so I decided why not put it here. This is a list of all the marathons I've competed in, with times and photos if available!

2009--Honda Los Angeles Marathon (3:49:16)
Not too bad.

Damn, I was skinny though.
Overall, a very fun race. It was very weird to run through Downtown LA, through Crenshaw, and then through Beverly Hills. You could definitely feel the difference as you ran through neighborhoods. (Crenshaw, spectators gave out oranges and water... Beverly Hills gave out shots of Grey Goose. Just saying.)

2011--Yodogawa Osaka Marathon (3:48:14)
So young and naive...
This race was not too bad. I was running in Japan and I wanted a reason to run. So why not sign up for a marathon? I convinced my friend that this was a good idea... and we ended up in Osaka.

2012--Sukumo Hanahenro Marathon (3:48:44)

Terrible picture but I only remember being cold and miserable so I didn't care

So by now, it was becoming an annual tradition to run a marathon. This one was brutal--ferry over from Saiki on Kyushu to Sukumo on Shikoku. Rainy. Cold. Hilly. Not fun. Fun fact #1: Hanahenro is Flower Pilgrimage in English. Fun fact #2: I didn't see a single flower.

2013--San Francisco Wipro Marathon (4:30:17)

Nothing satisfies after a run like a cold beer.

This was a poorly trained for marathon but switching from the Japanese teaching lifestyle to American corporate lifestyle did not help. Hilly, cold in the beginning, hot by the end, the only saving grace for this race was running across the Golden Gate Bridge. That's pretty awesome.

2014--Kona Marathon (5:12:09)

(Missing a photo... possibly lost when I switched photos)

So definitely trending the wrong way on times. Out of shape and on the same course as the original Ironman Triathlon, this race destroyed me. No excuses.

2016--Great Ocean Road Marathon (To be raced May 2016)

And so we arrive at the most recent challenge. After breaking my thumb this past month, a new challenge and external reason to get into shape. Here's to restarting the annual marathon tradition!


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