Saturday, July 28, 2012

What a Mess

Would I go back to the Boryeong Mud Festival again?

Not a chance.

The group I went with was great--so many jokes, laughs, and good stories. However, these could have occured anywhere, not just in Boryeong, so I stand by my word.

What made it so particularly awful?

I know I'm jaded after living in Japan for almost 2 years, but seeing how non-Koreans acted at that festival was downright shocking. Granted, it's not everyone. But it only takes a few really bad a-holes to ruin a whole experience.

The good:

-The group I went with. We had a great time despite the people we were surrounded by. Including before and after at Busan, they made me truly realize how lucky I am to have met them.

I'm surprised my camera survived the mud...

The bad:

-Everyone is drunk. This in itself is not a bad thing. However, by drunk, I mean messy drunk--sloppy, random hookups, passed out on the street, and puking everywhere. The amount of drunkards would put even Vegas to shame. Best (worst) example: drunk guy stripped down to his quite revealing underwear... at the highway rest stop. He didn't even make it to the festival.

The ugly:

-We were robbed. Our door was unlocked, and someone snuck in and stole 2 iPhones and the cash out of one of our wallets. It could have been worse (we could have lost everything), but it sucks. We should have been more careful, but it can be blamed on our Japanese naivete.


-Yes, it's fun. It can be a good time. But considering the amount of times I was embarrassed to be a westerner in this part of South Korea, I think I'll skip next time.


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