Wednesday, April 4, 2012

インターナショナル Power Hour

"Ok, round 2."
"Ready? This is 8."
"17 already? Are these minutes getting faster or something?"

What a mess. If you don't know, the main screen on G+ switches to whoever is speaking. However, considering one of the cities represented is having a party... it switches to one person speaking, and then jumps back to LA. Back and forth. Then to someone else. And then it's LA, again.

About 30 minutes in, and even after LA has been muted, conversations are still hard to follow. Between the one conversation on the surface, people talking over each other, and then the side conversation on chat, it's growing increasingly difficult to keep up.

Around minute 56, Las Vegas decides to make an appearance. Finally. Took long enough, and now he has to play the game of catch up.

At around 1 hour 15, it's pretty much game over. Chaos has taken over. LA has realized they can un-mute themselves, and has taken full advantage (i.e. abusing) their speaking privileges. The side chat is flowing freely with its own conversations. Too much is happening at once to follow.

Notice it was easier to keep the main scree on LA than whoever's speaking...

And yet... there is something simplistically surreal about it all. Though we are all in different cities, LA, SF, SD, Oaktown, Vegas, Sendai, KitaQ, we were, at this moment, all in the same room. It has reached that point in the night where a casual kickback has turned into a full blown party. One main conversation to follow. The side conversations on the chat. The whispering, private conversations off the screen, be it texting, instant messaging, or the like.

And maybe it's the drink speaking, but despite the hundreds, even thousands of miles separating us, it might as well be mere feet.

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  1. you know if you click on one'll just stay on that person...hahaa.