Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kokura Konbini Challenge (小倉コンビ二チャレンジ)

So here's a game for all you here in Japan. Bored and broke? Try the Kokura Konbini Challenge! As long as the weather's fair and you have 1000 yen, you can play this drinking game anywhere there are コンビ二. All it it requires a bit of skill and a bit of luck. Home-field advantage helps a lot too.

The Rules:
  1. In turn, each player takes turns acting as a guide to a konbini. After you lead the group to one konbini, it's the next player's turn to lead the group.
  2. You must buy a drink (12 oz./330mL) at each konbini you visit.
  3. You must finish your drink before the next konbini.
    • If the guide has finished his/her drink and no other player has finished their drink, and the group has arrived at the next konbini, the guide gets a free pass (i.e. doesn't have to drink the next round)
    • If the guide hasn't finished his/her drink and at least one other player has finished their drink, and the group has arrived at the next konbini, the guide must drink double (tall can 500mL)
  4. You must go into the next konbini you pass whether intentionally lead there or not. 
    • If the konbini is within eyesight and on the same side of the street, it counts as passing by it.
  5. No two same konbini types in a row. No same exact konbini in a night. (ex. You can't go into any 2 Lawsons in a row, but going to a Lawson, 7-11, and then a different Lawson is ok.)
    • If the guide breaks either rule, he/she must buy the next round for all players.
  6. Bonus rule: No buying the exact same drink in a night. (Same kind of drink is ok.)

Let me know how it goes. If you remember, that is...

Sounds easy? 
As a reference, there are 2 inside the station, 1 behind, and another two blocks in front... and that's just for Family Mart.

Oldest player starts first.
The game is over at the last train/bus. Or someone gets sick. Whichever comes first.
Drinks must be 5% or better, but while Tsingtao isn't 5% and neither is any light/calorie-off happoshu, that doesn't mean play this game with Strong Zero (8%)

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  1. You really should've crawled under a rock with your 5% last night :p