Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vietnam Checklist

So I decided to compile a list of tasks I want to accomplish in my 2 week trip to Vietnam. My flight is to Hanoi on Christmas Eve and I have to make it to Saigon by January 5th for my return flight. The plan is to take different trains and stop at various cities (such as Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, and maybe Mui Ne). Here's what I want to do along the way.

To do:
-Eat pho from a street vendor
-Try cà phê Chồn (
-Crawl in Cu Chi tunnels
-Ride a motorcycle (not necessarily drive, but take a trip as a passenger at least)
-Take a cooking class (and shop for my own ingredients)
-Eat a cobra, venom and heart included
-Buy a tailored dress shirt (or something similar)
-Explore Ha Long Bay on a junk
-See the DMZ
-Eat at an expensive French restaurant (I miss confit de canard so much...)
-Order a beer in Vietnamese

Ha Long Bay


  1. Can you add not getting kidnapped for ransom so Jaymie doesn't have a heart attack at age 22 on there? Kthnx. :)

  2. Fuck I just wrote all these things and it got deleted...

    1. Drink sugar cane juice w/strawberries!

    2. Go to a beach and rent an umbrella area (like this:, drink beer and eat the seafood people bring to you.

    3. I had cobra (or at least snake), it was... interesting, heh. They put the snake blood in my beer, you should try that, too.

    4. Before we went there, Minh told me that I'd be able to ride an elephant. I think he lied because we totally didn't ride any elephants, but if you can, you should check it out!

  3. LOL damn you for going to my country before i do! You should eat Banh Cang if you go to Nha Trang (where my mom is from! and my abs. FAVE V-dish) and Banh Beo in Hue. Ride water buffalo in Hanoi? lol I'm not sure if you can still do that, but I've seen pictures! Oh and go to Cho Ben Thanh (spelling...) It's a huge market I think in Saigon. =]

  4. Cool, sounds good. I'll try all those. I think I'm honestly the most excited about the food... I mean sure, the history and natural beauty will be nice too. But damn... I haven't had any Vietnamese food while in Japan these past 5 months, so it's going to be a lot of binge eating...